Cell Line List

STEP 1:    Please select cell line(s)

  • This cell cline category is classified based on "NCI - Cancers by Body Location/Systems" list.
  • While using above search tool, please *SHORTEN* your keyword if you could *NOT* locate any cell lines since the search tool only use exact match rule.
  • Cell lines list order by alphabet.

Gene Search Engine

STEP 2:    Please pick a gene
  1. Please input Gene symbol or RefSeq Accession No. or keywords in below input bar.
    (Ex: "TP53" or "NM_000546" or "tumor protein p53")
  2. Click "Search" buttom
  3. Select an interested gene simply by clicking on it

Length of Flanking Region

STEP 3:    Please select a length for displaying flanking region