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IGRhCellID database integrates 7 common authentic tools from public domains and profiles of genomic alterations from our laboratory of common human cell lines to reduce or eradicate long standing concerns of cell misidentification. Moreover, profiles of genomic alterations of common human cell lines further allow users to select cell lines with designated genetic background. For examples, users can select a cell line with homozygous deletion of a gene to serve as indigenous knock-out human cell model, with amplification of a gene to serve as cell model for therapeutic drug testing, and with common alterations in multiple human cell lines for common altered cancer genes across cancer types. Cell Line View Intergenic View
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SNP data processing:
The copy number alterations (CNAs) data was generated from GeneChip Human Mapping 250K and 500K and 6.0 SNP array sets which downloaded via caArray from caBIG maintained in NCI and via gene expression omnibus (GEO) maintained in NCBI. Downloaded source CEL files were analyzed by dChip 6.0. The calling of homozygous deletions and amplicons were published recently based on our developed protocol (Hepatology 2010, PMID: 20799341). In brief, CEL format data is normalized using invariant set normalization algorithms and then generate normalized-within-chip intensity data based on reference data set of 50 normal individuals genotyped in the same platform. Based on these signal values, the raw copy number for a SNP in a sample is computed as ......