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IGRhCellID database integrates 7 common authentic tools from public domains and profiles of genomic alterations from our laboratory of common human cell lines to reduce or eradicate long standing concerns of cell misidentification. Moreover, profiles of genomic alterations of common human cell lines further allow users to select cell lines with designated genetic background. For examples, users can select a cell line with homozygous deletion of a gene to serve as indigenous knock-out human cell model, with amplification of a gene to serve as cell model for therapeutic drug testing, and with common alterations in multiple human cell lines for common altered cancer genes across cancer types. Cell Line View Intergenic View
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Expression data processing:
Microarray Gene Expression data sets of 309 cancer cell lines (duplicated or triplicated experiments for a total of 950 experiments) that performed by GeneChip Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array platform were downloaded via caArray from NCI. All these cancer cell lines were classified into 29 tissue categories. According to these categories, 140 human normal tissue expression data sets to serve as reference in the same platform were downloaded via GEO from NCBI. All the downloaded CEL format expression data was first pre-processed using invariant set normalization algorithms by dChip and then converted into intensity value with absent/present call. We performed linear models for microarray data package (Limma) in R for calculating fold change of each probes. In Limma ......